A Pro is a member of the working class specialized to efficiently complete tasks.
An assigned task is one that has been delegated by a Client to a Pro for execution, while accepted task is a task a pro has accepted.
Note: when a client assigns a task, the pro still has to accept it.
Once you have gotten your task accepted, visit the dashboard (in your profile), go to assigned task, there you can follow-up with the Pro under “workroom”.
As soon as you complete the task! Vohive is designed such that your payment is ready before you start the project, so you NEVER have to worry about your payment.
Go to your account page by clicking on the profile icon, select finance, then click on fund account.
Please recheck your Card details and try again. If the error persist contact Support. We apologize for any inconvenience.
This will only be required when you want to fund your account. (Go to your account page, click on the profile icon, select finance, then click on fund account.)
You have no need for worries since we do not store your card details, and whatever details you enter goes straight (only )to the Payment Gateway and they abide by international standards.
For now Yes. As we do not store your card details for security reasons. Thank you.
Every Pro has a profile which can be viewed under the dashboard’s gallery.
We have to confirm the available funds before deductions can be made. Please bear with us as it is completed as soon as possible.
Visit your dashboard profile, and select “POSTED TASK”.
Visit your profile’s dashboard, click on your profile icon, then click profile.